a big negative fantasy
we don't see things as they are,
we see things as we are
(anaïs nin)

one extra xanny to make it all go away

no wonder people gett addicted to pills

my self esteem is so fragile. i wish i knew why.


What Ever Happened - The Strokes

I don’t have to be anything.

I don’t have to be with anyone.

I don’t even HAVE to be.

I exist, that is all.

This is so liberating.

I love when I see the text posts you guys write about how much you love someone, and how you are so in love with their flaws, and even if they treat you like shit you still love them and cry your heart out and rip your soul for them. I love it because it makes me realize how STUPID I am when I feel/say those things. It makes me realize what a waste of time and ENERGY to dedicate so much of myself to another human being that, quite frankly, most of the time doesn’t even give a shit. ‘Cause I mean, we could be wasting all that energy and dedicating all that love and devotion to ourselves. Why can’t we just do that? Why can’t I do that?? Instead, we think it’s oh-so-romatic to bleed ourselves dry over others, while we are the ones desperately needing to be loved.


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